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So, Why Write A Book?

I thought it may be worthwhile writing a few words as a means of properly introducing myself to any prospective book buyers out there reading this.

As a first time blogger I am by no means proficient in this medium so please excuse any idiosyncrasies.

So, I wrote a book. It took me long enough that's for sure, but when you are not being paid for your time and have other jobs and a family to run, then time management is key.

The subject matter of The Alien Enigma has always been of interest to me since I first became introduced to the whole concept that extraterrestrials could be more than fictitious characters filling the pages of sci-fi novels or scaring the daylights out of movie-goers on the big screen.

I have never been abducted by aliens personally (that I know of anyway), never seen a UFO that I could confidently describe as a flying machine (although I have seen a number of unexplained lights in the sky which were not stars, satellites or planes) yet I still have always had a profound interest in such phenomena.

My curiosity was first roused in my teens when I spouted those coming-of-age questions for the first time ; "Are we alone in the universe?", "Why are we here?", "Do aliens exist?"

Boom! 25 years later...I'm still asking the same questions, the difference being that I have more answers these days.

For me, writing the book was the best means of accumulating all of the knowledge and information I had thus far managed to gather over the years of sometimes obsessive research. Instead of being just another hobby, the subject has always resonated at a much deeper level and the importance of some of the information needs to be shared with whoever feels compelled to learn about it.

First Cover Design

First cover design.

Well, on completion of the book, it certainly succeeded in clearing my head out. No need to keep all that information IN when you can get it all OUT. It was also very cathartic and enjoyable to write, let us not forget that side of things. If you don't enjoy the process, why bother?

The main purpose of the book was to connect different facets of intrinsically linked phenomena, all of which could tie-in with one another and help us to understand these subjects in a larger context.

The conspiracy to withhold all of the information from the public was always important to highlight and the book could never exist without this side of the story being told.

My main interest has always been to seek the truth about matters. Mysteries are all well and good but if there isn't an element of truth behind them then my interest wanes. I don't mind Star Trek, Star Wars and other science fiction tales but I have always preferred true stories to fiction. Truth is so much more exciting than fiction and as has proved to be the case as I discovered whilst writing The Alien Enigma, some facts are actually much stranger than fiction.

The whole purpose of human existence in my humble opinion is to learn, improve, evolve, and love as many people as consistently as you can. Without seeking the truth behind things how are we expected to progress? Firstly we need to recognize our limitations. There is always more to learn. We are not at the pinnacle of knowledge and never will be whilst we inhabit our physical bodies.

As the great Greek philosopher Socrates allegedly once declared "Wisdom is knowing how little we know". My sentiments exactly.

I am currently working on my second book which veers away from the alien hypothesis and enters the world of myth and human origins. After having read Graham Hancock's books and the incredible findings of Michael Cremo (The Hidden History of the Human Race) regarding the great antiquity of the anatomically modern human, I have had a busy couple of years researching these concepts and found that so many anomalous artifacts, bones and ancient structures exist which raise endless questions concerning the true age of man's existence on this planet. I shall be dabbling into a number of various subjects in the book including cryptozoology, giants, antediluvian civilizations, OOParts, the deluge and of course human origins.

Until then, I hope you enjoy reading my first book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Signing out.

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