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20th Anniversary of Left At East Gate: Exclusive Q&A with Larry Warren.

The firsthand account of RAF Bentwaters' whistle-blower Larry Warren was thoroughly documented in Warren and co-author Peter Robbins' brilliant book Left At East Gate which was published 20 years ago this year.

To commemorate this significant year, Larry kindly agreed to answer some questions regarding his remarkable experience in Rendlesham forest back in 1980, in what has become dubbed Britain's Roswell. But the incredible events commonly referred to as The Rendlesham Forest Incident, which took place over a three day period in East Anglia, England, simply blows the Roswell incident out of the water!

The complexity of the Bentwaters-Woodbridge encounters in the December of 1980 which included numerous UFO sightings, close encounters with non-human entities, physical contact with UFOs, missing Air Force personnel and a governmental cover-up of monumental proportions, must surely be the most significant event of its kind in UFO history. The connection to nuclear activity at the U.S. bases is apparent, but there may be much more to the story than has surfaced thus far.

After reading LAEG myself, many questions arose which I would like to put to Larry, whom I met recently at a UFO conference in 2016 which we both attended, where I was able to promote my own book The Alien Enigma.

This interview is the perfect opportunity to catch up on any updates in the Rendlesham case and see how Larry has fared after 37 years of inadvertent involvement in the UFO community.

LAEG - Left At East Gate

RFI - Rendlesham Forest Incident

MIB - Men In Black

JPR: Do you ever regret coming forward with your story and writing the LAEG which has put you in the firing line for so much criticism over the years? Or was it more important to you that people should be made aware of such a significant situation?

LW: I don't regret it at all, as by 1986 I had to set MY record right (even then i was misrepresented and often, in print, books, mags etc.). Further, as the person that took true risk in getting the RFI out to the public (formerly known as the Bentwaters Incidents), let me just say thanks so very much to the so called UFO community for the many years of disrespect I've enjoyed! As I know now, ufology and its fan base was the wrong venue to get it out in the first place...from one box to another (the second box if full of crazys indeed) and sadly the effort on my part was a waste of time.

JPR: Was there anything you wish you had included in LAEG, possibly information which came to light after publication?

LW: A billion things!

JPR: I was fascinated to read that physical traces of the UFO you saw in the Capel Green field were still visible when you and Peter revisited the site years after the event. Are there any updates on the soil sample analysis taken from that spot?

LW: Three soil tests were carried out by Matt Moniz of Springborn Laboratories. The results and a statement by Moniz [see letter below] can be found in Peter Robbins' book Halt in Woodbridge, directed at Charles Halt - rather compelling stuff indeed (and a true thorn in the ass for my keyboard detractors!)

A photo montage of Capel Green as it appeared when Peter Robbins returned in June 1990. The green area is exactly the same location as the darker area in the Feb '88 photo. [Images by Peter Robbins]

JPR: Have you suffered any long term physical effects as a result of exposure to the UFO? I am aware that you had eye problems immediately after the event.


JPR: Under regression by Budd Hopkins in 1995, you mentioned seeing seven others like yourself underground after the incident on the third day. In LAEG, it was briefly mentioned that another witness was also regressed, in 1996, and I wondered if any information ever came from that session? Essentially, has anyone else aside from Adrian Bustinza come forward about the underground incident to corroborate your experience?

LW: No.

JPR: Researchers are coming to the conclusion that there is an intrinsic link between UFO sightings and nuclear activity, evidence of which was apparent in East Anglia near Rendlesham whilst Woodbridge and Bentwaters were active. Col. Halt’s testimony confirmed that at least some of the UFOs were directing their beams into the nuclear housing. But, could there be a connection between the weather modification device (cloudbuster) which appears to have caused the freak storm in 1987 which decimated much of the forest – and the UFO activity there at that time?

LW: I have no idea.

JPR: In Chapter 3 of LAEG you mention a kind of telepathic conversation which ensued between yourself and a ‘voice’ whilst in the underground facility. The voice told you it was a being from a place you would never understand. You also witnessed a craft in there similar to the one you saw in the field, and the ‘being’ went on to say that the facility had been there since the 1940's and the crafts they travelled in entered and exited via an extensive tunnel system, one exit being a mile from Lowestoft. You also wrote that it told you that many civilisations from off this earth are here and are intimate with US, UK, USSR and Japanese governments at the highest level – information which is in keeping with the larger context of the UFO/ET phenomenon.

I find the information you were given to be consistent with other ‘contactees’ (for want of a better word) but I am unsure why your superiors – or those responsible for abducting you and taking you to the facility whoever they were – would allow or even want you to be informed of the bigger picture at all. I wonder then, were the men in the facility even aware of your communication with this being? What are your thoughts on this?

LW: It could either have been induced by spooks or it is what it is? Either way, we are screwed!

JPR: I was interested to read in the same chapter that this ‘being’ said that you were ‘selected’ along with others because “they” knew you all. If this were true, it would suggest that your involvement in the whole RFI affair may have been orchestrated to some extent. Any comment?

LW: I believe it was all orchestrated.

JPR: Col. Halt seems to be attempting to discredit you during recent interviews and you have claimed that he is lying about many aspects of the incidents in 1980. He even suggested that you could have somehow been manipulated into believing what you experienced at Bentwaters. Although mind control/manipulation is certainly a process employed when called upon, it all sounds a bit too convenient to believe that your experience which has largely been corroborated by Adrian Bustinza, could have been planted in your memory.

Do you believe that Halt (who is still under oath) is covering up something to this day which will most likely come to light posthumously, hence the lies and discrediting tactics?

LW: Halt lies about me and other 81's and also the events, and has done for the last 35 years. I deal with many of those lies in a three-part Youtube interview conducted by Tino Megaro titled The Warren Perspective.

JPR: The ‘silent face-off’ between the three beings you witnessed that night and General Gordon Williams is, for me, the most significant moment of the entire Rendlesham episode. Witnessing a highly-ranked official faced with extraterrestrials in such a seemingly organised manner raises many questions regarding military involvement and hidden information. As you described that UFO in the field being surrounded by personnel, including local police, cameras and video cameras, it seems as if the General was aware that ‘they’ would be coming that night to that spot and prepared accordingly.

Could this have been an organised event in your opinion?

LW: The RFI was part of an experiment gone wrong in my view.

JPR: I have heard you briefly mention some bizarre incidents which followed the incident with the ‘beings’ in the field. Some of the ‘entities’ followed the personnel out of the field and ended up in the parking area where Burroughs allegedly ‘grabbed’ a smaller triangular craft which carried him off his feet for 10 metres, and someone reported an ET actually coming through the windscreen of a truck, which resulted in the panicked witness smashing the windscreen with his foot.

Do you have any more information on this period of time – any more strange occurrences which you may not have experienced personally but heard firsthand?

LW: I was told secondhand that story about John Burroughs holding onto a craft, he disputes it happened. I must then accept that. I will state that John, Adrian and myself have up to 14 hours of missing time on night three...very strange.

JPR: Aside from your experience underground at Bentwaters, have you ever personally encountered MIB or had any incidents with secret agency personnel?

LW: It was not MIB, it was Feds. Ufologists have put that spin on it, further, as a civvy (civilian) I did indeed meet once with agency people as recounted in Left at East Gate.

JPR: You have mentioned your interaction with non-human entities throughout your life. Did these experiences start before you were sent to Bentwaters? And do they continue to this day?

LW: Since I can remember...not so much in my older years, thank God!

JPR: I am personally fascinated by the fact that you have had so many contacts and become involved in such a massive UFO incident also. Could you maybe elaborate on some of the more memorable ET experiences you have had?

LW: The August 1974 one with my mom was a big one (see p.7 of LAEG)...too many to count. Seeing a Bigfoot in '75 was also a head spinner!

JPR: Do you believe that there could be a connection between your involvement in the RFI and your interaction with these entities in your personal life?

LW: Strangely, yes I do, although the RFI was very different.

JPR: Considering the complexity of the RFI case and the history of the secretive military operations and UFO incidents in East Anglia during those years, do you think the whole story of the RFI will ever come to light?

LW: 100% NO!

Larry Warren - Ex-Security Spec 81130-81 SPS-R.A.F. Bentwaters-England 1980-81.


For more information on the ET/UFO situation read The Alien Enigma by JP Robinson.


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