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Front cover of The Alien Enigma by JP Robinson
The Alien Enigma 
Extraterrestrials: Science Fiction or Science Fact?

ISBN-13: 978-1533234056

Earthrise Books

Product Details​
  • Author: Robinson, JP

  • Publisher: Earthrise Books

  • Published on: 2016-05-25

  • Original language: English

  • Number of items: 1

  • Dimensions:  15.2 x 2.5 x 22.9 cm

  • Binding: Paperback 

  • 444 pages

  • Also available on Kindle

A 20-year effort studying UFOs and alien contact with Earth compelled British researcher J.P. Robinson to write this book. To set the tone, he compares the 1969 US Condon report with the 1999 French COMETA report, the first designed to conceal and the second to reveal. He summarises key events including the 1980 Rendlesham Forest incident in England and mass sightings such as the 1942 Battle of Los Angeles, the 1991 Mexico eclipse flypasts, and the 1997 Phoenix Lights event. He outlines the seven UFO crashes in New Mexico from 1945 to 1948, the establishment of MJ-12 to control the cover-up, covert operations set up to research UFO technology and ET knowledge, and Bob Lazar's testimony about back-engineering UFO craft at S4 in Nevada. He looks at black-budget funding, deep underground bases, and the disturbing revelations of Phil Schneider and Thomas Castello on alien experimentation facilities.

    Robinson covers well and lesser-known abduction cases, animal mutilation mysteries, alien implants and crop circles with ET themes. He analyses the Billy Meier contacts and testimony from astronauts and remote-viewers on an ET presence on the Moon and Mars. He remarks on alien communication, stargates and time paradoxes in his chapter on microbiologist Dan Burisch, a former Majestic operative.

     While Robinson acknowledges the movement towards disclosure, he concludes that those in the know want to maintain the cover-up.

Nexus Magazine, Aug-Sept 2017, Vol. 24

This is a well researched, well written and comprehensive volume that presents the reader with a treasury of UFO related material. Chapter 8 ‘Space Secrecy’ which, among other things looks at the background to NASA and its obsessive secrecy, plus what really happened on the moon and indeed the moon itself, is a genuine revelation and is worth the cost alone. The book is ideal for the novice, the true believer and especially the serious researcher, because all will find much to get their teeth into; this book is destined to be a classic of its kind.

Phenomena Magazine

A book which really arches across the entire breadth of this field of research. If you read just one book on Ufology and contact, make it this one, you won’t be disappointed!


A friend recently recommended I read The Alien Enigma. The topic of alien visitation and UFOs isn't something I particularly took seriously before reading the book. I wasn't actively sceptical as such, just hadn't really considered there'd be any real weight behind believers' arguments. This book has totally changed my mind. I haven't looked at the moon in the same way since! Robinson has managed to not only delve deep into the subject with credibility and integrity, but also to craft an entertaining, absorbing read. The Alien Enigma is a comprehensive, gripping, in-depth review of the subject, perfect if you're both new to the topic, or already well versed.

Dave Foy

As someone who is absolutely fascinated by this subject, but doesn't have the science background, I found this book to be, without question, the most informative, easy-to-read, intelligent book I have ever read. The author takes you step-by-step through his arguments and you feel as if you are having the conversation with him yourself. If anyone is interested in this long discussed subject, but finds a lot of the published works long-winded and boring, then this book is what you need as it is fantastic!!

Clair Adkins

A brilliant book by a passionate author that brings together several strands of investigation, speculation and eyewitness accounts into one place. Perfect as a reference guide to dip in and out of, or a longer term read. You'll be sure to want to look deeper into each of the areas covered.

Mike Richmond

To be quite honest the scope of J.P.’s first book is far too broad to be covered fully in such a short review, but suffice to say it is worth reading, and examining closely. You, dear reader will not be disappointed, whether you are a seasoned investigator or a new convert to the subject. It is always good to have opinions and thought-provoking ideas from new researchers and investigators of the world we call the paranormal. J.P. has provided a well-researched, well presented, informative and wondrous publication. One that should be on your reading list. Buy it now, it longs to be included in your research library.

Chris Evers, Outer Limits Magazine


Excellent book, very well researched and offered without any perspective bias. Jamie has really brought together an enormous amount of information from right across the Ufology and government conspiracy fields. If you want to get a really great overview of this subject area without buying a dozen separate books, then this is the one you need to get instead. I will be keeping my eyes open for his next release!

Bruce Fenton

Whether you're new to the subject or well versed, Alien Enigma is an enjoyable, informative and open minded insight into many of the fascinating and at times bizarre facets of the UFO/Alien mystery, personally bringing back the sense of excitement and awe that first drew me into the subject!


It has the feel of an academic appraisal of the evidence base associated with the phenomena rather than an opinion piece and the author constantly invites you to keep an open mind, to form your own view and challenge the content of the chapters (both positively and negatively) whilst the narrative guides you through. It also stays at a level that is accessible to any reader.

David Atkinson

                                   The Myth Of Man
                                                                 Hidden History and the Ancient Origins of Humankind

                                                                           ISBN-13: 978-1986555470

Product Details​
  • Author: Robinson, JP

  • Publisher: Earthrise Books

  • Published on: 2018-07-23

  • Original language: English

  • Number of items: 1

  • Dimensions:  15.2 x 2.5 x 22.9 cm

  • Binding: Paperback 

  • 486 pages

  • Also available on Kindle

A comprehensive work in the tradition of von Daniken, Hancock, West and Cremo, The Myth Of Man challenges modern perceptions of the origins of mankind and the rise of civilisations, while bringing Atlantis, giants, Bigfoot, and the worldwide flood myths back to life.
Nexus Magazine, Dec 2018 - Jan 2019, Vol. 26, No. 1

I’ve read so many Kindle books and never bothered to review one before, but this time I felt I just had to. It’s the best non-fiction book I have read. The information in this book is so well researched and written objectively. I appreciated being able to form my own ideas about mankind’s origins without being dictated to. The author presents facts rather than suggestions, leaving the reader to form his/her own conclusions. The subject matter has been increasingly intriguing me of late, and after reading The Myth of Man, so many of my questions have been answered. My thanks to the author.
Stella Buley

Compelling, controversial and challenging. Robinson's latest offering brings myth back to life and will challenge the way you see the past forever!
A. Starling
Really enjoyed this book. Certainly got me thinking about things. I always assumed that myths were just made up, but there are a lot of reasons to believe there might be truth behind them. I was shocked to read that Darwin could be wrong, because I always assumed we came from apes, but the evidence in the book suggests that much of what we are told is not true. A very interesting read with some challenging material.
Jack Adams

I have been researching “Lost Civilizations” and “Cosmic Catastrophism” for 50 years. For a while, it appeared that nothing much new was going to come available. But In the last decade or so, there have been a number of books out on the subjects investigated here. They range from Establishment propaganda on one end to the just plain bizarre on the other. This book offers a “happy medium” in between. If I had a friend or relative who was interested in a good introduction to these issues, this is the book I would recommend.
Fred Lord

This is my first JP Robinson read and it's an absolute belter. It's very interesting and informative and provides a wealth of information and fascinating observations with an alternative perspective to what we were taught in our earlier years. 

Found this book really interesting. Had no idea that there could be truth to some of the myths we all know so well! I was especially interested to read about the flaws in Darwin's theory. It raises questions about how our species really originated . . . a really well researched book. Recommended.
Amazon Customer
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