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Author update: Life After Death and the Existence of Soul.

This post serves as an author update as I have been very busy researching material for my third book which I plan to start writing in the new year (2020).

For those of you already familiar with my work you will know that my area of interest is quite broad, but revolves around the study of unexplained mysteries in all their different guises.

My first book The Alien Enigma involved collating material from a knowledge base acquired over 20 years of interest in various topics connected with the UFO/ET hypothesis, and placing them in a context which could be easily accessible for interested readers. The basic premise of that first work was the question: Are We Alone In The Universe?

My second publication The Myth Of Man exposed weaknesses in the Ape/Human evolution theory amongst other things, and basically dealt with the question: Where Do We Come From?

I examined many myths during my research for that book to establish their origin and to assess whether or not there was any truth to them in a historical context. What I discovered amazed me and surprised me hugely as I have never been one to believe in myths and legends, but the information which arose changed many of my preconceived notions regarding our forgotten history.

The next instalment which I am currently working on delves into an even less understood area of research, and one which, if ever fully understood will vastly improve our understanding of what it means to be human, and what fundamental reality as we know it actually is.

My third book ultimately asks the question which everyone at some point in their life will consider: What Happens When We Die?

I know there are many fantastic books out there asking the same questions, but I have found myself on a personal journey to try to comprehend some of the scientifically unfathomable mysteries associated with the world of the paranormal. This latest outing continues my exploration into the unexplained mysteries of which I have always found myself being strangely drawn.

The book will be looking at evidence for consciousness survival beyond the physical death of the body in an attempt to prove beyond reasonable doubt that our soul continues to exist in some form after we die.

Subjects covered include:

- The possibility of Reincarnation with a particular focus on the past life memories of children and some other prominent cases such as Barbro Karlen who recalls a previous life as Anne Frank.

- Near death experiences (NDEs)

- Mediumship and Clairvoyance and other After-Death Communications (ADC), including a chapter on the fascinating Scole Experiments which took place between 1993 and 1998. Also an insight into Direct Radio Voice communications (DRV or EVP meaning Electronic Voice Phenomena)

- Out of body experiences (OBEs)

- Xenoglossy, which is the ability to speak a language unknown consciously to the subject.

- Psychokinesis, with a focus on the work of Russian psychic Nina Kulagina.

- Life Between Lives: the revelations of people claiming to have memories of life in-between incarnations based on hypnotic regression studies.

- Extra-sensory perception (ESP) and remote-viewing, and the seemingly impossible but provable means of seeing into the immediate future.

- Understanding physical reality and matter: Biocentrism, quantum studies, visual intelligence.

- Materialisations and Apports: the inexplicable appearance of objects out of 'nowhere', predominantly during seances.

So far the research into these subjects has far exceeded my limited previous understanding and ultimately has led me down paths I had no idea even existed. For in order to ascertain some kind of limited understanding of life after death and the existence of soul/spirit/consciousness, I have had to study how the real and seemingly physical world which we live in actually functions.

To understand death we must first understand life.

I look forward to sharing my findings with you all in the near future.

Watch this space . . .




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