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The Coronavirus Hoax

I have tried to keep my mouth shut throughout the whole Coronavirus pandemic and I have not published any of my personal thoughts on this contentious issue, especially as this site is usually dedicated to subject matter relating to my work.

But after hearing Professor Chris Witty talk down the severity of both the COVID-19 death figures in the UK and also the actual virus itself, I have decided to let my feelings known.

As lockdowns across the board slowly begin to ease, questions are starting to be asked of those responsible for derailing the economy, neglecting thousands of cancer patients, elderly citizens, and the essential education and general well being of our youth and children.

Amidst a tidal wave of bullshit propaganda, politicized agendas and vague directionless mud-slinging, all the evidence so far accrued inadvertently tends to reinforce a 'no virus' hypothesis - a false flag pandemic of epic proportions - a global scenario which alone can explain an otherwise contradictory and unfathomable situation polluted by gallons of unscientific nonsensical hogwash.

Personally, as the father of two daughters (11 and 16), I have found some reassurance in the knowledge that a bad case of the sniffles is more likely to affect my family than the killer virus that has shut the world down. However, through the thick fog of corona confusion, the fearless complacency has most certainly been tainted with bouts of anger and frustration at the sheer audacity of some of the main protagonists.

These data-manipulating conveyors of fear porn whose presence has invaded our living rooms from the comfort of the Government briefing room via the BBC, stand shoulder to shoulder with our comedic Prime Minister, whose timely absence in the country's hour of need succeeded in temporarily gagging the bumbling rhetoric of the self-styled scruff-pot.

Boris, whose wife coincidentally gave birth during his mysterious hiatus, has won the adoration of many new followers who would "never really watch the news before all of this", whilst simultaneously reinforcing his self-assembled caricature as the half-witted Snark-hunting buffoon so many love to hate.

But how much influence does this man truly have? Is he responsible for the draconian measures enforced during the current crisis, or does he answer to more powerful authorities above him in the hierarchical pyramid? Like Trump, his uncannily similar counterpart across the Atlantic, the only decision Johnson is allowed to make appears to be how insane he can make his hair before a TV appearance.

And what about his henchmen Beavis and Butthead? Health Secretary Matt Hancock, a man whose extensive knowledge and experience of medicine and healthcare must have somehow got crammed into his three year degree course on economics, seemed pretty adamant that quarantining the healthy was the scientific way to beat the dreaded virus at large.

And Professor Chris Witty, a physician and epidemiologist, who holds all the credentials one would expect of a man leading a Government led COVID-19 response team. Who is to blame for this unprecedented lockdown? Rule-flouter Professor Neil Ferguson and his unfounded '500,000 UK deaths' computer model prediction maybe? Oh, he changed his mind once lockdown was in place, dropping his initial evaluation by 480,000 to a more reasonable 20,000 deaths. Sorry about that everyone. Damn computers. Must have had a virus.

Somebody must be held accountable. Fining the general public for breaking laws which have mysteriously transformed into mere recommendations, or guidance if you will. Lying on death certificates. Really?

Back in March, which seems like a lifetime ago, Witty was the face of the Government coronavirus advert advising people to stay at home if you have a high temperature or a new and persistent cough. Along with the advice from SAGE, an advisory committee under investigation for withholding the scientific evidence which initiated the lockdown to begin with, Witty and his cohorts were all complicit in closing the country down.

How is it then that Witty's message to the British public has completely changed tack now? Here we are in mid-May, and England's Chief Medical Officer is now openly confessing that "the great majority of people will NOT die from this" and "most people, a significant proportion of people, will NOT get this virus at all." (i)

Excuse me? Did I hear you right Professor?

He then goes on to say that probably 80% of those who do get symptoms (which is very few) might experience something "bad enough for them to go to bed for a few days, not bad enough for them to go to the doctor."

Bear in mind that three weeks ago he informed the public that the UK will need social distancing until the end of the year, and note that we are still locked up in our houses and the children are still not back at school as we speak.

What the hell is going on? How can they say these things on the BBC and continue to lock the country down and bang on about vaccines saving us all? From what exactly?

Definition of Epidemic: a disease that affects a large number of people within a community, population, or region.

Pandemic: an epidemic that has spread over multiple countries of continents.

So how does COVID-19, a mild virus by anyone's standard (ignoring the fact it has never been isolated as a virus from the start and therefore should not be referred to as such), which Witty himself insists that 'most people' will not even get, befit the epidemic tag? Absolute madness.

In his talk from April 30th, Witty explained that "over the whole epidemic, even if there is no vaccine, a high proportion will not get it". Am I missing something here? It's doublespeak, a term coined by Orwell in 1948 in his seemingly prophetic dystopian novel 1984, where things are the opposite of what they appear.

Witty is actually telling us that Coronavirus, a disease that affects a large number of people (as per definition of epidemic) will not affect the great majority of people. Just as Orwell set out all those years ago, there has been a tendency to get the people to doublethink and both be afraid and not be afraid by believing the dangers and the lack of risk at the same time.

Witty also made a complete mockery of the official COVID death toll figures in the UK when he publicly announced on the BBC that many death cases have COVID in the death certificate but have NOT died of the disease, and many others have not been tested either yet remain included in the overall death count.

The entire charade is based upon inaccurate exaggerated figures, and this is no conspiracy, it comes from the mouth of the country's Chief medical advisor on national television.

How can such unlawful decision-making go unpunished? Livelihoods ruined, enforced state dependency, a national debt which will take generations to recover from, and more deaths from untreated and undiagnosed cancer patients, whose figures will surely rival those of COVID-19 over the next few years.

It's a sham, a disgrace, and just plain fraudulent, and those responsible for the proliferation of these lies must be made accountable.

But for now, we wait. Locked up like prisoners in our homes, Obedient, subservient, complicit in the greatest hoax this planet has ever witnessed. But we will all be fine, just as long as we all stay alert.



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