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Both titles now available in hardback

The Alien Enigma was first published back in 2016, and finally after all this time I am able to offer both that title and The Myth of Man in hardback versions.

I have made a couple of amendments to The Alien Enigma, but basically the book is the same. The typo declaring the speed of light as 669 mph has finally been rectified. It was originally meant to say 669,000 miles per second. Whoops.

Secondly, I decided to omit any mention of Zecharia Sitchin. I had barely referenced him in the introduction, stating that his translations of the Sumerian texts suggested that extraterrestrial visitors had been on Earth since time immemorial, but his mere presence in the book can devalue the other reliable sources, such is the controversial nature of Sitchin.

The Myth of Man remains unaltered but does look rather splendid in hardback format as it was always intended to be.

Both of these nonfiction titles are quite substantial works, and I find that the hardback format really suits them. I have been waiting years to be able to finally publish these books as they were intended and finally that day has come.

I am still writing and researching my third and fourth titles, one of which I plan on completing in 2023, so watch this space.

Go ahead and get yourself a hardback copy of these books here


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