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Space Secrecy: NASA and the UFO Deception

For more information regarding NASA and the UFO/ET cover-up, read The Alien Enigma by JP Robinson

There are many people who through either their own extensive research or personal experience, have come to the conclusion that we have not been told the whole truth regarding NASA’s space program. NASA is considered to be a civilian agency although many of its programs are funded by the Department of Defence budget and most of the astronauts are subject to military security regulations. The Apollo Missions are of particular interest to many because of the vast amount of inconsistencies involved in both the photographic and video archive footage and also official explanations and information offered to the public by NASA spokespersons.

Recent research has revealed that conditions on the Moon could be very different from what the public has been led to believe. The massive NASA archives are all supposed to be in the public domain and accessible to all but it seems that very few people have been given access to the genuine original material. Even one of NASA’s foremost scientists Dr. Farouk El Baz expressed what many people have suspected when he declared that “not every discovery has been announced to the public.”[i]

Literally millions of photographs are currently been stored in the NASA library which is said to include an impressive catalogue of transmission tapes and videotapes documenting the presence of UFOs. Astronauts working in orbit and on actual Apollo missions have filmed many strange anomalous objects flying above the Earth’s atmosphere.

There are a growing number of ex-NASA employees coming forward and unveiling different aspects of a monumental cover-up, one of those is a former NASA slide technician called Donna Hare. She was employed for fifteen years by a NASA sub-contractor at the NASA Johnson Space Centre in Houston and received a number of space awards during her tenure as slide technician.

During a 1995 radio interview on Washington DC Radio Station she openly discussed her work and professional involvement as a technical illustrator in the space program, where she worked in the Precision Slide Lab in building 8 of the photo lab throughout the years of the Apollo missions. Here she drew lunar maps, launch sites and landing sites, reducing art work to one inch by one inch drawings. She worked alongside astronauts and even worked on flight manuals and she has seen pretty much all the different types of images available that are still used in the space program today. The following information was derived from a transcript of the radio show called UFO’s Saturday Night which was broadcast on June 5, 1995.[ii]

Donna Hare first became aware that NASA were hiding something following an incident that took place whilst she was testing the boundaries of her secret clearance and wandered into a restricted area where they developed pictures taken from satellites as well as all of the Apollo flight missions. She started talking with one of the photographers and developers as he was making a mosaic of photos using lots of smaller photos to make a larger photo pattern.

Whilst she was studying the pictures and learning new methods about the whole organisation of the images, the photographer directed her attention to one area of an image and then said to her “Look at that.” He was pointing to a very white circular dot in a black and white photograph, so she asked him if it was simply a spot on the emulsion, to which he replied “Well I can’t tell you, but spots on the emulsion do not leave round circles of shadows.”

She looked closer and realised that she was in fact looking at a round shadow under the white dot in an area where there were pine trees that were also casting shadows in the same direction as the round shadow. Hare said it was a shadow of some aerial phenomena because it was higher than the trees but not too high and was still close enough to the ground to cast a shadow. She described it as spherical but ever so slightly elongated.

Hare asked “Is it a UFO?” to which he replied “Well I can’t tell you”. After questioning “What are we going to do with this piece of information?” his response was very revealing as he explained “Well we have to airbrush these things out before we sell these photographs to the public.” Suddenly she understood the implications; “I realised at that point that there is a procedure setup to take care of this type of information from the public.”

So what is clarified here is that a professional slide technician working at NASA, with access to restricted areas, has admitted that the standard procedure put in place by NASA is to airbrush out all aerial phenomena from all existent negatives taken from their satellites and space missions.

Donna Hare went on to discuss another incident which she felt was very important, about a man that she had dated who was in quarantine with the astronauts straight after coming back from the moon.

She asked him about the saucers she had seen in the satellite photographs and wondered if he knew anything about that, “he told me that every astronaut, every moon trip had been followed by craft, by saucers, that every one of them, every astronaut that went to the moon, now I don't know about other sites but they all had seen it and all had been told to keep quiet about it and they were threatened with jail and their whole retirement, everything taken away from them.”

These views are shared by ex-NASA employee Maurice Chatelain who has publicly expressed the fact that “all Apollo and Gemini flights were followed, both at a distance and sometimes also quite closely, by space vehicles of extraterrestrial origin flying saucers, or UFOs, if you want to call them by that name. Every time it occurred, the astronauts informed Mission Control, who then ordered absolute silence.”[iii]

Every moon trip had been followed by craft? Such information has clearly been successfully omitted from the public arena. The official view within scientific circles regarding extraterrestrial life continues to be one of denial, after all, they continue to pump money into the SETI program in hope of one day receiving a mere frequency signal from possible other life out there in the universe. Nobody seems to be mentioning the fact that UFO’s have been seen during every Apollo mission by numerous astronauts. In late 1973, NASA finally confirmed that 25 astronauts had seen UFOs during lunar missions, although it would seem that this statement didn’t reach the public domain.

Regarding the Apollo 13 mission (popularised by the Hollywood movie starring Tom Hanks) which was aborted before the astronauts were able to disembark the craft, the official version of events states that there was a malfunction with the command module and they were forced to orbit the Moon before returning straight home.

Donna Hare referred to this incident during her radio interview saying that she was told they were very fortunate to have returned, “well he said that it shouldn't have come back, I mean, there was no, ah, they had help. And that was all he would say. He said it was impossible for that craft to have gotten back home.” She went on to say that the USA was told not to go “to that certain place on the back side of the moon.”

She said that they (the aliens) didn’t want the Apollo 13 craft to investigate the part of the Moon where they were heading towards, so not only did they help to rescue the Apollo team but they may have actually caused the malfunction to start with. NASA was told not to go but they chose to ignore it and as a result the mission failed and nearly cost the lives of Capt. James Lovell and his crew. When asked if her contact knew the reasons why they weren’t supposed to go there, Hare replied “I guess they didn’t want us to see something back there, I don’t know, I don’t know that part.”

For more information regarding NASA and the UFO/ET cover-up, read The Alien Enigma by JP Robinson.

[i]Wilson, Don – Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon, 1975, p.139




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