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Anatomy of a Spacecraft: The Bob Lazar Testimony

For a more detailed account of the Bob Lazar story, please read The Alien Enigma by JP Robinson.

The elusive nature of UFOs has meant that not many people can offer accurate scientific explanations as to how spacecraft actually function. Bob Lazar is one man who claims to have worked at a once-secret facility known as S4 near Area 51 in Nevada; back-engineering retrieved flying disks in order to understand how the propulsion systems of such incredibly advanced machines operate.

It was at the S4 facility on Nellis AFB in Central Nevada, just fifteen miles south of the infamous Area 51 site at Groom Lake, where Lazar was employed as a senior staff physicist between December 1988 and April 1989. Paid by the U.S. Navy, Lazar’s ID number was 46 – 1007639.

Lazar joined a program that consisted of three projects; Project Galileo which dealt with gravity propulsion, Project Sidekick which was about beam weapons with a neutron source focused by a gravity lens and Project Looking Glass experimented with the physics of seeing back in time. Lazar’s focus was working on Galileo to see if the technology used in recovered flying disks could be duplicated using Earth materials, this was done by dismantling a finished product to see how it operates, a technique referred to as back engineering.

Lazar met his immediate supervisor Dennis Mariani at McCarran airport on his first day working for EG&G and together they flew to the Nellis Test Range. Both Area 51 and Sector Four (S-4) are located in the northeast corner of Nellis. To reach the facility from the airstrip Mariani and Lazar boarded a bus with blacked-out windows which took them down an unpaved road for nearly half an hour before reaching S-4 near the Papoose Mountains, by the Papoose dry lake bed. The S-4 installation is built into the mountain with nine huge hangars with doors angled at sixty degrees which are covered with a sand-textured coating in order to blend in with the side of the mountain and the desert floor.

As Lazar’s new workplace was the test site for the most experimental aircraft such as the Stealth fighter, the SR-71 Blackbird and the Vought V-173 among others, he assumed that he had been employed to work on the propulsion system for the latest model of fighter jet. Instead, he was to be part of a twenty-two man team working within Project Galileo where he was given a high level security clearance named Majestic, thirty-eight levels above his previous Q level.

His ID badge had two diagonal blue stripes in the corner, one light and one dark, and beneath his photograph was the ID number E-6722MAJ. Lazar explained that the letters MAJ were an abbreviation of Majestic, the name of the group responsible for all covert extraterrestrial activities as covered in my book The Alien Enigma. The bottom of the ID card showed where Lazar was allowed access to – S4, D5, ETL and WX.

Lazar was advised to read over 120 documents in a briefing room, which would inform him of his real purpose at S4 and the true nature of what was taking place there. According to written information which was contained in blue folders, the spacecraft technology he was due to work on was brought here by alien beings from the Zeta Reticulae 1 and 2 star systems located in the Reticulum constellation which can only be seen from the southern hemisphere.

The papers offered a detailed insight into their world, stating that the beings were from Reticulum 4 (fourth planet from Zeta Reticulae 2, approx. 30 light years from Earth), with our Sun being referred to as SOL and Earth being the third planet from the Sun was referred to as SOL 3. One day on Reticulum 4 is apparently ninety Earth days long. As for the extraterrestrial beings or Zeta Reticulans; they were described as between three and four feet tall, weighing about 25-30 pounds with greyish skin, large heads and almond shaped wrap-around eyes. They have no hair and only sleight mouth, nose and ear positions. The entities themselves claimed to have been visiting Earth for a very long time and even had photographic evidence which they contended was over ten thousand years old.

Interestingly, they also informed us that man was actually a product of ‘externally corrected evolution’ and the human race as a species had been genetically altered 65 times throughout history. In the papers humans were referred to as ‘containers’. Despite the fact that Lazar claims to have definitely read the briefing documents, he also insisted that he was not in a position to vouch for the authenticity of the information contained within.

The most remarkable aspect of Bob Lazar’s testimony however, is the detailed scientific explanations he offers on how the propulsion systems used on spacecraft actually operate. With at least nine extraterrestrial craft being stored at the S4 facility, he was escorted into a hangar where he was permitted to examine a disk which Lazar later named ‘the sport model’ due to its sleek appearance. This particular model had already been test-flown several times before Lazar arrived on the scene and would continue to be flown on Wednesday nights during his tenure at S4. Other models varied in shape in size, from ‘the top hat’ to the ‘jello mould’, all were very different in appearance.

Initially upon first inspection, Lazar thought that the sport model was one of the latest aircraft to have been secretly manufactured by human hand but he would soon realise that the object before him had not been created using Earth technology. One brief test flight conducted inside the hangar showed Lazar how the craft could ascend vertically before hovering in almost complete silence, a feat which in itself should be impossible considering the size of the object, roughly 16 feet tall and 40 feet in diameter. Whilst not in use and not energised, the disc sits on its underside or ‘belly’.

The craft was comprised of a metal exterior skin, the colour of unpolished stainless steel, with a door located on the upper half of the disc with only the bottom portion of the door wrapping around the central lip of the vehicle. The interior is divided into three levels starting with a lower level which houses three gravity amplifiers and amplifier guides which are used to increase the size of the Gravity A waves.

According to Lazar, there are two types of gravity waves, the other being Gravity B which is the vast gravity of which most are familiar with. The reason for increasing the Gravity A waves is due to their minute size as they exist solely at an atomic level, barely extending beyond the perimeter of an atom. Amplification of these waves is necessary until they become large enough to distort vast amounts of space-time. The gravity amplifiers do not stay on continuously; rather they can be pulsed to achieve the desired amount of power.

On the central level directly above the amplifiers sits the reactor, along with the control consoles and two seats, both of which were far too low to the floor and too small to be functional for adult human beings. Lazar never had access to the upper portion of the disc. Inside the craft the walls are divided into archways, one of which Lazar witnessed becoming transparent once the disc was energised, revealing the outside just like a window. Once in a transparent state for a short while, Lazar claims that a unknown form of writing began to appear on the archway, writing unlike any he had ever seen before, not belonging to our alphabet and not like any scientific or mathematical symbols used on Earth.

So how did this technological marvel actually operate? One might assume that in order to traverse vast distances through space that it would be necessary to travel at the speed of light which is around 670 million mph. This is not the case. These craft which are used specifically for travelling interstellar distances do not travel in the manner we are accustomed to on this planet. Bob Lazar explained, “The truth of the matter is that travelling these distances does require a level of technology that man has not yet achieved. But it has nothing to do with flying in a linear mode near the speed of light.”

A reactor which serves as the power source is fuelled by Element 115 and only by converting this matter into energy, by combining matter with anti-matter, is any power generated. Lazar explains that the Element 115 can only be inserted into the reactor once it has been machined into a triangular shape; it then becomes the source of the Gravity A wave as well as the target which must be bombarded with protons in order to release the anti-matter.

When one of the flying discs travels in close proximity with another source of gravity such as Earth’s, the Gravity A waves which propagates outwards from the disc is phase shifted into the Gravity B wave which emanates outwardly from the Earth, thus creating the lift required to manoeuvre the craft. The distortion of space-time around the disc increases as the intensity of the gravitational field around the disc increases. The effect of invisibility is created once the space-time around the disc reaches maximum distortion as the space-time distortion takes place 360 degrees around the disc. If one were to look at the disc from above at this point then the space-time distortion would be in the shape of a doughnut if Lazar’s testimony is accurate.

Attempting to validate his extraordinary claims however, Lazar managed to arrange for some witnesses to watch flying saucer test flights over the S-4 facility in Nevada as they stood at the edge of the base on March 22 and 29, 1989. The objects seen by those in attendance were uniformly described as being UFOs and they appeared where Lazar claimed they would, and at precisely the time that he said they would.

Lazar's description of UFO technology remains the most detailed available today, and should his testimony prove authentic as it appears, it serves as a fascinating insight into the workings of an extraterrestrial craft.

For a more detailed account of the Bob Lazar story, please read The Alien Enigma by JP Robinson.


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