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NASA Whistleblower Bob Oechsler: Exclusive Q&A with J.P. Robinson (Bob's Final Interview)

I have openly said that my interest in UFOs and ETs first started with the incredible testimony of ex-NASA Mission Specialist and veteran UFO researcher Robert Oechsler. His bravery in coming forward publicly inspired me to write The Alien Enigma. Like myself, Bob has a desire to understand what is belief and what is reality.

His science background and expertise validated his views on the UFO phenomenon which culminated in his extensive research into the Gulf Breeze UFO sightings in the early 90's, and he was the first person that I became aware of to openly come out and tell it as it is. He is an open-minded individual with great honesty and integrity and we are fortunate to have the opportunity to quiz him on his knowledge.

There will be many newcomers to the subject who read my posts, who have never heard of Bob Oechsler, and I believe that it is paramount that we inform those people that the UFO/ET phenomenon is something to be taken seriously and is not just a fringe subject followed by a lunatic minority.

Bob's testimony has much more validity to it than the average layperson because of his association with NASA (Never A Straight Answer) and the research work which that led to. Bob was the first NASA whistle-blower I became aware of back in 1993. There are of course others who have come forward, Ken Johnston, George Leonard and more recently Dr. Eric Norton.

Bob kindly agreed to what is a very rare and exclusive interview which is transcribed verbatim below.

Date of interview: 12/3/2017

JPR: First, could you confirm that you worked with NASA in the mid-70s as a mission specialist working on several projects which included the Apollo-Soyuz test project. You worked on the docking collar that mated the two craft and also on the Inter-national Ultraviolet Explorer, several deep-space projects, and some Department of Defence projects.

BoB: Yes that is correct, in fact, the docking collar used today on the International Space Station is in fact substantially the same docking device we created in the mid 70s.

JPR: What years were you under NASA employment exactly, and is your ID badge which Tim Good published in Alien Update officially your true ID?

BoB: I had multiple stints at the Goddard Space Flight Center under different contracts, the first of which was from 1974 to 1977 and continued on and off through 1979; and then again mid and late 1980s. The badge that Tim Good published is authentic, subsequent ones were turned in per security regulations.

JPR: Why did you leave NASA?

BoB: Most of my tenure at Goddard was under a variety of defense contracts. When the contracts ended at the NASA facility, I was often sent to work at other contractor sites. The original was with Bendix Field Engineering Corporation, the other assignments were mostly restricted under security statutes. By 1979 I had formed a consortium of companies under the umbrella of my company, Robots Internationale, Inc., and in 1980 was given an award by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as the father of field application technologies in the field of robotics.

JPR: When did you become aware of the UFO phenomenon as a real situation – before, during your time at NASA or after, when you were called in by various agencies including the Department of the Navy, to evaluate film footage of UFO activity? Please elaborate.

BoB: I suppose that I became fascinated with the prospects of UFOs back in the 1950s after seeing “The Day The Earth Stood Still”. After that, the George Adamski case caught my attention and planted the suggestion that they could possibly be a reality. To the best of my recollection, I didn’t take it very seriously until the 1980s when I got involved with FUFOR (The Fund for UFO Research with Dr. Bruce Maccabee). After I became an expert on UFO photographic analysis years later and more specifically Polaroid analysis with the Gulf Breeze Sighting case, that’s when DIA, NSA, CIA and others at the pentagon started following my work. Prior to those years I was intrigued by a number of books on the subject of UFOs and Contactee experiences. Betty and Barney Hill, Howard Menger and a few others come to mind.

JPR: What was the first piece of footage you were asked to analyze and where did the film originate?

BoB: The first piece of footage was shot from an Air Force Base flight-line camera somewhere out in the southwestern United States. It was twilight in that you could see a hint of colour in the distant mountain range and of course you could see the complete outline of the mountains. It was a lighted craft that moved laterally, stopped and started. It was shot at 24 frames per second if my recollection serves me correctly, don’t recall exactly when it was shot, not sure that info was available at the time.

I was provided with some extraordinary (at the time) equipment that enabled me to split the frames into A phase and B phase. For example, a ten second piece that I analyzed generated something on the order of 600 pages when printed out. This was used to measure the light signatures in as small a time frame as was possible. That visual gave rise to the imprint signature that looked a lot like what you might get with a sewing machine stitching with white thread on black cloth. What was derived from the analysis was that this aeroform appeared to be using some form of pulsed gravity generator for propulsion. It seems to be jumping from one spot to the next literally in the blink of an eye, disappearing and reappearing along the linear path of flight if you can visualize what I’m saying. Essentially pinching the space between by using gravity compression.

JPR: During your time with NASA, were you ever made aware that NASA was doctoring some of their photographic evidence to conceal unexplained objects which were visible on the negatives (as George Leonard and Ken Johnston claim)? Have you had firsthand experience of this?

BoB: I was not privy to any of those possibilities and was not in a position to question those types of things even had I been aware of the potentiality.

JPR: When and why did you decide to speak publicly about the UFO and ET secrecy?

BoB: Following all my photo analysis work on the Gulf Breeze case, and a multitude of field investigation trips to the Pensacola, Florida area, it became imperative to support the work of myself and Dr. Bruce Maccabee that had come under attack from debunkers.

JPR: Have you seen an extraterrestrial craft close up? Can you describe it and explain how you know it was not man-made.

BoB: It’s difficult to use the term extraterrestrial when it comes to UFOs since we really don’t know for sure where they come from. It is however quite easy to assess the extraordinary flight, hover, and dramatic acceleration capabilities that exceed any known human technologies. On a handful of occasions, I’ve had extreme close-up observations both during the day and at night. Most were structured craft with extreme detail including some type of plasma generated from beneath. I’ve seen disc shaped, golf ball looking craft, and the typical early Gulf Breeze type craft that has been described as looking like a Chinese lantern.

JPR: Where was the craft being stored?

BoB: Aside from those seen in flight or under local operations seen in several U.S. and Canadian locations, and some involved in military operations, it would not be prudent to speculate as to where any craft under human control might be stored. At least three locations have been publicized previously including Wright-Patterson AFB to which I have personal experience, Groom Lake in Nevada, and China Lake in California. I’m also aware of another location in California where again I have personal knowledge and experience.

JPR: Do you have any idea as to the origin of such craft?

BoB: Keeping in mind that there are numerous species of non-human visitation conducting a variety of operations here, it would be difficult to attempt to lump them into any specific origin. Some credibility lies in the speculation of Zeta Reticuli which is about 39 light years away. Distance does not seem to be an obstacle.

JPR: Have you personally been inside one of these craft or know someone who has?

BoB: I know several individuals and military personnel who have been inside. Cannot confirm 100% that I have personally.

JPR: Have you ever personally come into contact with a non-human entity or know of someone who has? Please elaborate.

BoB: Met a woman in the Dallas, Texas area at a conference where I was giving a talk who shared an incredible life experience. Her family resided in a secluded community near the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. Her father was ordered to drive a piece of construction equipment on a loader up to the San Agustin Plains area. It involved a crash retrieval operation that included survivors. He helped black out the windows of a bus that was brought in to take the occupants (two survivors, one died in route) to Los Alamos Laboratory. The entire family drove up to Los Alamos on at least two occasions and her father was able to view the survivor both times. I don’t know if he interacted with the alien or not, aside from the encounter at the crash site. His primary task on the original mission was to bury the craft for later retrieval. He did bring back a small console from the craft that sat on the family’s coffee table for many years she indicated.

JPR: People say that treaties have been signed between our government and various extraterrestrial races. One such treaty being the Tau-9 treaty system with the negotiations taking place during the Tau-9 Conference for the Preservation of Humanity in more recent times. Is this something you know to be accurate?

BoB: I cannot confirm any treaties, however I do believe there is credible evidence of a NATO Conference that took place discussing something on the order of 85 different alien species having contact with various governments throughout the ages. There also is substantial evidence of cooperation between at least U.S. Military and some species of aliens.

JPR: Can you elaborate a bit on the alien abduction scenario as you understand it and its ties with our government, as a lot of ‘experiencers’ mention that there exists a military presence on board some of these craft during the abduction itself.

BoB: Alien abductions have apparently been an integral part of the lives of some families for many generations going back at least four generations. Most tend to focus on the females who are used for genetic hybrid experimentations. The women tend to carry the fetus for about three months when the visitors come and get them and continue the gestation apart from the abductee, however these women are often brought back into contact over time to provide bonding. It seems the aliens have lost several attempting to raise them without benefit of maternal nurturing. I am aware of many cases involving abductees convinced of human military involvement in some of the events.

JPR: With this in mind, do you believe we are still keeping tabs on the amount of human abductions taking place worldwide, or do you suspect it has gotten out of control?

BoB: The numbers according experts in the field are astronomical and nothing suggests that anything has changed.

JPR: The ET situation is very complex with many different races involved. Some seem to have been on this planet a very long time. Many believe that the reason for the abductions is a drift study of human populations, others focus on the genetic interbreeding programs which seem to be taking place, and it has been said that the ETs, possibly the Greys, are humans from the future who are dying as a race and are attempting to find some sort of cure. Can you give your thoughts on why the ETs are here? And do you have any evidence which can confirm your ideas?

BoB: If there was a consensus of expert opinion that covers so many diverse species of alien interaction, I suspect we would all be aware. It’s likely that alien visitation has many purposes as to why they are here. Aside from obvious objectives relative to breeding experiments which themselves may have multiple purposes, the prospect that at least one species hails from our future holds great promise and intrigue. If there is proof of any specific philosophy of origin or purpose, it likely will be withheld as part of a long term indoctrination program to help us avoid the process of acculturation as determined by the Brookings Institution in their “Proposed Studies on the Implications of Peaceful Space Activities for Human Affairs” 1960, with a committee print to congress in 1961.

JPR: Let us now turn our attention back to NASA and the Apollo missions. There continues to be much debate surrounding the Apollo missions and I would like to hear your opinion on this. Firstly, have we ever landed man on the moon?

BoB: I’m completely confident that we landed on the moon having spoken personally with several mission astronauts whose comments regarding anomalous encounters would render the prospects of fabricated missions beyond comprehension.

JPR: If so, is the film footage NASA have made public the true footage or was that faked as so many contend?

BoB: I’m of the opinion that some of the footage has been released. I’m also of the opinion that not all of the footage has or will ever be released if it still exists (we did not have anything beyond metallic tape recording capabilities at that time).

JPR: Do you believe that we got there using the shuttles or could we have used more advanced technology such as the disc-shaped craft we associate with the UFO phenomenon?

BoB: The moon projects were so very early in our evolution into technology that I’m confident we did not at that time have disc technology.

JPR: Were we alone when we got there?

BoB: Clearly we were not the only intelligent species involved, although we were alone in the sense that there does not appear to have been any direct interactions or communications.

JPR: Do you believe there are bases and life-forms already stationed on the moon? And what evidence are you aware of that can back up such a hypothesis?

BoB: Very high confidence that non-human bases of operation exist on the moon. Howard Menger’s photographic evidence of facilities during a non-malevolent ride to the moon in a craft of non-human origin might be one of the best troves of evidence. I’m quite certain NASA has explicit photographic, if not filmed, evidence of such activity.

JPR: Do you believe the moon is hollow as NASA’s seismic testing would suggest and if so, do you believe that the moon could be an artificial satellite?

BoB: I’m not familiar with that data so it would not be my place to speculate.

JPR: Why did the Apollo missions stop after Apollo 17 in 1972? If that mission was the most productive in Apollo’s brief history regarding physical exploration of the lunar surface and samples acquired, why have we never returned? Or do you think that we have an ongoing program running between here and the moon incognito?

BoB: By 1972 the costly endeavour of the Vietnam war had put the space program and NASA on a short leash fiscally speaking. Although there were at least three more missions planned, the rug got pulled out from under the NASA budget. I also think that by that time the public had lost it’s love affair with the moon after landing 12 astronauts on the surface, only one of which was a scientist. Furthermore, although we didn’t launch until 1981, the STS (more popularly known as the Space Shuttle program) which initially began in 1972 and had more congressional support than the Apollo program. As for any incognito flights to the moon, it’s unlikely they started much before the mid to late 1980s in my opinion.


This was one of Bob's last ever interviews before his death 0n June 6, 2020.

RIP Bob and thank you for everything you have shared with us.

For an in-depth overview of the UFO/ET phenomenon read The Alien Enigma by JP Robinson.


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