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  • JP Robinson

Assaulted by UFOs: The Livingston Incident

For more detailed information of the UFO/ET reality read The Alien Enigma by J.P. Robinson.

Artist's impression of the UFO described by Robert Taylor

The following account remains the sole example in British history of a UFO incident which became part of a criminal investigation. The case remains unsolved and open to this day.

The remarkable incident occurred on November 9, 1979 in the Dechmont Law Woods, Livingston, roughly 20 miles away from Edinburgh, Scotland. .

At around 10:30 am, Robert Taylor, was local forestry worker employed by the Livingston Development Corporation, parked and exited his van to walk his red setter up the hill and into the woods.

As he entered a clearing, he noticed an unpleasant odour in the air just moments before he was suddenly confronted by a bizarre metallic sphere about 20 ft. in diameter which he described as looking "like as spaceship, a huge flying dome" that was made of “a dark metallic material with a rough texture like sandpaper”. As the object hovered above the treeline Taylor observed that the outer rim of the craft was “set with small propellers”.

Bob Taylor with a sketch of the UFOs he encountered in 1979

Curiosity got the better of him, and he cautiously approached the strange spherical vehicle before suddenly spotting two smaller spheres with weird spikes protruding from them, "similar to sea mines", fall out of the larger craft with a "plopping" sound, rolling towards him aggressively, then attaching themselves to his trouser legs.

He then recalled hearing a hissing sound which was followed by the repugnant smell which he described as being "like burning brakes", whilst simultaneously having the sensation of being dragged along by the anomalous objects.

Taylor claimed that he was actually assaulted by the metal balls as they seized him and tried pulling him upwards towards the craft, back whence they came. It was at this point that Taylor then lost consciousness.

Unable to speak or walk, he awoke with a pounding headache and a nasty, bitter taste left in his mouth, and the objects were nowhere to be seen, but his dog was barking furiously and running around in circles. Taylor estimated that he had only been unconscious for about 20 minutes. Once he had managed to crawl back to his van, he couldn't start it for some reason so was forced to walk back home to Livingston about a mile away.

Upon seeing her husband arrive home, and totally shocked by his appearance, all dirty and dishevelled, his wife knew something unusual had taken place and quickly called both the doctor and the local police to report the incident. Unusually for a case such as this, the police took the case seriously and followed Taylor back to the scene of the crime.

Robert 'Bob' Taylor back at the UFO site

At the site where Taylor had the ordeal, the police investigating the incident discovered 'ladder-shaped marks' in the soil where the UFO allegedly had hovered previously, whilst also finding markings following the direction of the smaller spheres which Taylor insisted had assaulted him. The police at the scene of the crime said that the marks didn't seem to have been caused by any known vehicle which had them "completely baffled".

Signs of the strange attack were evident on his clothing as his work trousers were ripped excessively around the ankles with subsequent tests on his clothes revealing that 'it was likely they had been ripped by a sharp upward pull, such as a mechanical device.' Meanwhile, the doctors also reported finding grazes on both his legs and his chin,

The incident was then filed as a criminal assault.

In 1991, as the Livingston encounter became known to UFO enthusiasts around the world, a plaque was laid to commemorate one of the most unusual UFO cases in British history.

As is the story with any case of this kind, proving the authenticity of Taylor's account is nigh on impossible but one must question why someone might fabricate such an account and stand by it until their death. The fact that the case was deemed serious enough by the authorities that it was listed as an actual assault, certainly helps reinforce the case as a legitimate incident that took place. Sceptics will always need more than a first hand account to convince them of the reality of extraterrestrial beings and UFOs, and believers will no doubt be curious about such a unique incident.

The Livingston Incident certainly stands alone as a one of a kind encounter where a man is assaulted by the actual crafts as opposed to alien beings, and the description of the UFOs remains unique to this case alone. Its uniqueness however should not necessarily negate his experience but rather it should serve as more fodder for the X-files in which we can continue to ponder over.


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