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The Crop Circle Code

For more information on the crop circle phenomenon please read The Alien Enigma by JP Robinson.

Crop circles have been appearing in our fields more and more since the 1970s, confounding all those with an interest in the unknown and the possibility of extraterrestrial life.

One crop glyph in particular is of extreme interest and significance, photographed the day it was formed in August, 2002 in a field known as the Crabwood field belonging to Mike Burge in Pitt near Winchester, England.

Lucy Pringle interviewed a group of people who lived near the wheat field who said they had witnessed lights swirling around then zooming into the sky and also strange pulsing noises that they assumed were from a generator or helicopter.

This feature is enormous; it’s about 390 feet tall and 240 feet wide. It depicts an alien ‘grey’ holding a circle which is around 100 feet across. This image has struck a chord with the innermost feelings of many people as is clearly evident by the intense media interest in the Crabwood formation.

Local man Stephen Short from Warnford was in the field on the night of August 21st and fell into conversation with three young middle-aged women who were staying at the campsite located nearby. They told him that during the night of Thursday 15th August, they had witnessed “an amazing display of dancing lights over the field which kept darting about, spiralling down to the ground and then back up again; then going round in circles, then down and coming back up again before disappearing like a shooting star.”[i]

Marie Wakelam, the owner of Crabtree Farmhouse which borders the Crabwood field, telephoned Lucy Pringle on Sunday 25th of August shortly after visiting the formation herself. Wakelam informed Pringle of a conversation that had just taken place with a family who had shown her slightly singed and blackened stalks of wheat taken from inside the formation. She thought this was curious as at about 11-11.30 pm on the evening of Thursday 15th August she had been surprised to detect a strong smell of burning as if a bonfire was lit in the field. Her bedroom backs onto the field and her bedroom window was open at the time.

Pringle stated that, “the lay in the ‘Alien’ was one I had seen only once before, in the Chilbolton ‘Face’ of 2001; it seemed as though the flattened, swirled crop around each standing tuft had been laid individually.” Such a task would surely be, as Pringle suggests, “beyond the ability of man during the short hours of darkness at this time of year. None of the stalks were broken in either formation; they were bent at the base. The lay in the circular dish was totally different to that in the face of the ‘Alien’, which was more traditional in construction.”[ii]

She also reported how being there in person had made her feel by adding, “Often I experience ‘gut’ energies when entering a formation. In the ‘Alien’ the energy, like the Chilbolton ‘Face’ was one that was new to me and one that I did not understand. Not uncomfortable, not welcoming but ‘mechanical and technical and strangely sterile’.”

While discussing the origins of the impressive formation at Crabwood, Pringle wrote, “it would appear that, if man-made, a technology was used that is unknown to all but a few selected people. The meaning of this formation is completely unambiguous. It is the face of an extraterrestrial, no more, no less; no other possible interpretation.”

Another interesting aspect of the Crabwood glyph is the similarity to an image designed by the brother of alternative researcher David Flynn, for his website back in 1996 which also shows an alien grey with a circle in one hand with the text ‘Ultra-Tech Personal Computer Services’ alongside the image. When placed side by side, the crop glyph of 2002 and the Flynn drawing of 1996 are eerily similar. Is this merely a coincidence?

Inside the disc there are some remarkable features as it would appear that the tufts of standing crop inside the circular element are most certainly not random, there is actually a readable code in the disc. The basic language used by computers and also NASA when trying to communicate with other intelligences is Binary code.

In the 1960's, ANSI (American National Standards Institute) developed a code called the ASCII set (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) in order to convert binary into our alphabet. It’s a system of binary; eight digits, zeros or ones, which make one symbol and it’s all correlated to a keyboard for computers. So if you type an ‘A’ it will be 0010 or something similar.

The ASCII character set which consists of 128 characters was used to translate the binary digits and sequences of the code within the disc into their decimal equivalent. Then by looking them up in the ASCII character set to see which letters they correspond to, researchers Paul Vigay and Eltjo Haselhoff arrived at the following decoding:

“Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES.

Much PAIN but still time.

(Damaged word).

There is GOOD out there.




There were 26 words in the message which was decoded shortly after the crop circle first appeared and the message which appeared is very distinctive because it’s so innocuous and vague. Many experts investigated this glyph and found no evidence of man-made hoaxing.

Computer consultant and leading crop circle researcher Paul Vigay, was found dead on Portsmouth beach in 2009. His death remains unexplained and was reported in the British newspaper The Telegraph by Coroner David Horsley who termed his death a “mystery”. He left behind his meticulous research on the subject he loved so much for all to study at his website which still remains the most informed and extensive site on the phenomenon.

Back in 2002, Vigay suggested that if the Crabwood formation is indeed genuine, as it appears to be, then “we could be dealing with an intelligence far more advanced than previously imagined; an intelligence which is able to bypass universal symbols and interact directly using our language. Clearly this would bring any communication to a hitherto unknown and advanced level.”

This particular crop glyph goes beyond conventional thinking and has so many remarkable attributes to it that it most definitely fits the description of phenomena. For example, upon closer inspection there are many details to be discovered.

American author and researcher David Flynn analysed these details in depth:

There are 59 lines of ‘resolution’ from top to bottom. The disc is 33 lines tall. 59 - 33 = 26, this is both the number of words within the code and also the number of letters in the alphabet. 59 x 33 = 1,947. And 33% of 59 are 19.47. This number becomes significant when related to the alleged UFO crashes in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

There are 33 lines of code inside the disc with a total of 151 ASCII characters in the code. 151 x 33 = 4,983. Interestingly 4,983 is the exact number of miles between the actual crash sites at Roswell and the site of the crop formation in Winchester, following the curvature of the earth. Incidentally, the Roswell sites are exactly along the 33.33.33 north latitudinal lines. Now adding 151 to 33 you get 184. This is the precise amount of days between January 1st and July 4th, the day of the alleged Roswell event. Each ASCII character is comprised of 8 bits. 151 multiplied by 8 means there were 1,208 total bits in code. There are exactly 1,208 miles between the latitude of the crop circle in England and the 33.33 latitude of Roswell.

So what does all this mean? Maybe nothing, maybe numbers of significance are to be found everywhere if one looks hard enough, but there is also the distinct possibility that there is a tangible correlation between these two different events at two separate locations.

As the crop circle phenomenon continues to bewilder and confound us all, this one example at least exposes a direct connection with extraterrestrials like none other out there in the fields. It acts as a poignant reminder that we have much to learn about the world beyond our own, and perhaps it is time we started to take these messages a little more seriously.

For more information on the crop circle phenomenon please read The Alien Enigma by JP Robinson.


[ii] Ibid

[iii] Crop Circles: Quest For Truth, Dir. William Gazecki, 2003


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