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The Solar Eclipse and the UFO

During the Mexican solar eclipse on July 11, 1991 thousands of excited citizens swarmed the streets of Mexico City to watch the magnificent event. Mayan Priests labelled this event as ‘The Sixth Sun’ and prophesised in 755 AD that the total eclipse of the Sun on that day would herald the beginning of ‘cosmic awareness’ for all humanity and bring about Earth changes.

American researcher Brit Elders wrote, “In the Codices, the tattered remnants of a once great civilisation, the Maya recorded their prophetic significance of the transition into the Sixth Sun as the harbinger of two life-altering occurrences: ‘cosmic awareness through encounters with the masters of the stars and coming earth changes’.”

What transpired that afternoon at around 1:00 p.m. was witnessed by millions of people across the country, as a unidentified object hovered for nearly 30 minutes below the Mexican sun and became one of the largest mass UFO sightings in history.

Many eyewitnesses armed with video cameras managed to capture the incident on film (see image below) from many different vantage points in three different cities, including seventeen people from Mexico City alone. Each piece of footage revealed exactly the same event, a silvery UFO hovering high above Mexico City. The bright disc-shaped object had positioned itself beneath the eclipsing Sun precisely at the time when millions of people were looking to the skies. It was as if whatever was controlling it wanted to be seen. The event which was perhaps the most significant mass UFO sighting of the last century was also the most unreported by the mainstream media, outside of Mexico.

The object hovered for almost half an hour before, during and after the eclipse was over. Attracted by the sheer volume of witnesses, teams of researchers from around Mexico, Japan and the United States flocked to the capital to investigate. One of those keen to interview eyewitnesses and collect data was Mexican UFO researcher Jaime Maussan.

UFO researcher Jaime Maussan

Maussan went on to document the incredible incident in detail, always relating it to the ancient Mayan prophesies which foretold the coming of the 1991 solar eclipse and its global significance; “In the era of the Sixth Sun, all that was buried will be discovered. Truth shall be the seed of life and the sons of the Sixth Sun will be the ones who travel through the stars”.[i]

Video footage of the UFO was simultaneously captured by Senor Arreguin, Sr. Alamilla, Sr. Meuta, Sr. Torres, Sr. Vallejo and Senora Hernandez. In one documentary film, Maussan put each individual video clip side by side to be viewed together as corroborative evidence, to prove that the mysterious object on screen was genuinely present at the time of the eclipse and was the same in each of the individually recorded videos. The 1991 incident was only the beginning, as the amount of UFO activity over Mexico has continued to increase since the occurrence of that remarkable event.

Two months after the eclipse sighting, another UFO, described as being bright, round and about ten metres in diameter was spotted during a military air show in Mexico (see image above). Vicente Sanchez noticed a shiny dot moving slowly across the sky whilst filming several planes in formation. He claimed that the object seemed to be made of silver and was reflecting the sunlight.

A year later in 1992, a similar UFO sighting occurred at the same air show, in which the disc descended rapidly and vanished mysteriously without a trace. Twelve months later and many people were anticipating a UFO sighting at the 1993 air show, and they weren't disappointed. This time the metallic disc appeared once again, just as a squadron of helicopters flew by. Any suggestions that it was simply a balloon seemed unlikely since the unknown object was travelling against the wind, also, upon further inspection, the video suggests that it was in close proximity of the helicopters.

Ever since that incredible sighting in July of 1991, there have been thousands more in Mexico, most of which have occurred around Mexico City, none so fascinating as the eclipse sighting which became the most documented mass UFO sighting in human history.

[i] Maussan, Jaime – Voyagers of the Sixth Sun – Video Documentary


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